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Jyu-kanbo National Museum of Detention for Hansen's Disease Patients
Hansen's Disease Treatment Guidelines (Japanese Leprosy Association)
Santama Tokyo Association of Public Museums
Japanese Association of Museums

Facilities nationwide where you can learn Hansen's Disease

In recent years, Memorial museum have been set up one after another at National leprosy sanatorium This is an indication that the sanatorium is focusing on preserving materials and historic sites, disseminating and enlightening mainly on exhibitions and lectures, and interacting with the local community.

On the other hand, there are also a Memorial museum has a long history of activities, a memorial hall for former private sanatoriums, and a national museum. There are now 18 museum facilities (including those in preparation). Each of them develops unique activities centered on the formation, life and culture of the sanatorium. Sanatoriums have a unique history, and the significance of the existence of such facilities that leave them behind and convey them to society is enormous.

List of Leprosy sanatorium and museum facilities nationwide (external link)

You can download a PDF file that introduces museum facilities nationwide from the guidebook link below.