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Introduction to Tama Zenshoen

Tama Zenshoen was established on September 28, 1909, at the present location as Zensei Hospital Region 1 sanatorium (united prefectural sanatorium for 1 metropolitan area and 6 prefectures of the Kanto region, and prefectures of Niigata, Aichi, Shizuoka, Yamanashi, and Nagano). On July 1, 1941, the sanatorium was transferred to the national government and its name was changed to National Sanatorium Tama Zenshoen. There were 1,221 inmates in 1947. After the All-Japan National Leprosaria Patients' Association (now All-Japan National Hansen's Disease Sanatoria Residents' Association) was formed in 1951, Tama Zenshoen also served as the base for the movement.


At the time of its establishment, the sanitorium was located in a thickly wooded area of Musashino on the periphery of Tokyo Prefecture. Together with the former tuberculosis and psychiatric hospital facilities that lined the neighborhood, the sanatorium formed one of the largest hospital districts. Later, a railway station was built, roads were constructed, and with the residential development in the surrounding area, the sanatorium has now become a part of the city center.

Features of Tama Zenshoen

Among the sanatoria across Japan, Tama Zenshoen serves as a medical center for the five sanatoria in the eastern part, providing treatment to patients transferred from other sanatoria, artificial dialysis, and outpatient treatment for those who have been rehabilitated to the society. Thanks to the greening campaign by the Resident Association, the sanatorium is full of greenery. In spring, the tunnel of cherry blossoms attracts many local residents. There is a lot of interaction with the local groups of people with disabilities and patients in Higashimurayama City. Currently, the "Jinken-no-Mori (the Forest of Human Rights) Initiative" is being developed, which preserves the abundant greenery and historic buildings in the sanatorium for the community, and more and more visitors from schools and other institutions have been coming and exploring this place.

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National Hansen's Disease Museum

From the "Jinken-no-Mori and Historic Sites" walking tour at Zenshoen

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