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The National Hansen's Disease Museum will lift all admission restrictions due to the transition to Category 5 of the new coronavirus infection.
For tours of National Sanatorium Tama Zenshoen, please check Tama Zenshoen website.

Opening hours

 9時30分 から 16時30分  (入館 ~ 16時)

closing day

Mondays and the day after a holiday. (Open on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)
Please see the opening calendar for details.




Group programs are available in person or online.


<Customers who wish to have a group program by visiting the museum>
Please apply for a reservation from  here.

<Customers who wish to have an online program>
Information about the Hansen's Disease Museum, watching videos about the Issues related to leprosy,
You can use it in combination with live material introduction from the exhibition room and Q & A.


The communication app uses Zoom / Google Meet, etc.

Other time zones and contents can be adjusted after consultation.




電話:042-396-2909  メール

About facility rental

Please check here for details.

Request in the hall

When entering


We will continue to install antiseptic solutions at the front entrance and exhibition rooms, so please use them.


Request in the hall


Please refrain from loud conversations and close contact.

The staff will wear a mask and respond.

Please use your own wired earphones or the earphones installed in each booth in the "Video testimonials Corner" in Exhibition Room 3. You can take the used earphones home with you.



国立ハンセン病資料館 管理部管理課
電話: 042-396-2909 (火曜日から日曜日 9時から17時)