Photo panel / DVD rental

Photo panel [rental]

The National Hansen's Disease Museum rents out the following photo panels and DVDs for the purpose of disseminating and enlightening the Issues related to leprosy Please use it.

  • Permanent Exhibition Catalog

    Whole garden photo panel

    A set of 46 photo panels from sanatoriums across the country. With caption.

    We will send it in 3 shipping boxes (44.5 x 80.5 x 54 cm).
    Click here for photo list and size list PDF

  • Permanent Exhibition Catalog

    Tama Zenshoen Photo Panel (Prewar Part)

    A set of 19 photo panels of Tama Zenshoen and one title.

    We will send it in one shipping box (55 x 78 x 30 cm).
    Size of one photo panel: A2 (60 x 42.5 x 1 cm)
    Click here for a breakdown of the photo panel

  • Permanent Exhibition Catalog

    "Because I've been fighting, I have now-Ayumi for 60 years of All-Japan National Hansen's Disease Sanatoria Residents' Association

    A set of panels containing the exhibits from the Autumn 2011 Special Exhibition.

    We will send it in 2 shipping boxes (64.5 x 91 x 31 cm).
    Click here for photo list and size

About the use of the photo panel

[Usage fee]



The user will be responsible for only the return cost (shipping costs will be borne by The National Hansen's Disease Museum must be shipped prepaid.)

[Rental period]

4 weeks

[How to apply]

First, please call us to confirm availability and rental period. After that, please fill in the necessary information on the material loan application form, affix your seal, and submit it in person or by mail. Please note that rentals are on a first-come, first-served basis, so please note that we may not be able to accommodate your request. Materials will be loaned after receiving the application and going through the procedures within the library, so please apply well in advance of the date you wish to use the materials. In addition, please see the material lending application form below for the rules to be observed when using the library.


About personal information

The personal information entered at the time of application will be used only for the purpose of contacting and delivering to the applicant.


Inquiries: 042-396-2909
Please download the material lending application form and material lending consent form from here (MS-Word: 44KB or PDF: 85KB).

Enlightenment DVD [rental]

The The National Hansen's Disease Museum lends the following DVDs to schools, local governments, public organizations, etc. in order to spread correct understanding of Hansen's Disease, raise awareness of human rights, and promote social enlightenment.

DVDs can be borrowed from the library. For the borrowing procedure in the library, please see here (guide). ("Library user registration procedure" is required)

Storyteller DVD [rental]


Lecture by Yasuji Hirasawa Elementary school middle school (recorded on March 16, 2010) 33 minutes


Lecture by Yasuji Hirasawa Elementary school upper grades (recorded on October 6, 2010) 36 minutes


Lecture by Yasuji Hirasawa Junior High School Edition (Recorded on March 12, 2010) 30 minutes


Lecture by Yasuji Hirasawa Teachers-Education of Life, Mind and Peace- (Recorded on July 25, 2012) 44 minutes


Lecture by Yasuji Hirasawa Nursing Student Edition-Education of Life and Mind- (Recorded on December 19, 2012) 40 minutes


Lecture by Yasuji Hirasawa Civil servant edition-Living as a human being as a person- (Recorded on May 29, 2013) 55 minutes


Lecture by Yasuji Hirasawa General Edition (Recorded on August 18, 2017) 52 minutes


Osamu Sagawa Junior High School (Recorded on December 16, 2010) 35 minutes


Osamu Sagawa General / Medical / Nursing Student Edition (Recorded on October 22, 2010) 55 minutes

※ Yasuji's lecture Hirasawa of the above-mentioned 6-9 here you can watch any time.