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For elementary schools who wish to study at The National Hansen's Disease Museum

What is a pick-up service?

For elementary schools that wish to study at The National Hansen's Disease Museum, we will provide a shuttle bus service within the number of applications available. If you are considering Learning about leprosy in an extracurricular class, please consider this and apply from our museum website.
Please check the announcement for the application period and other details.


Guide for group tours using shuttle buses

For closed days and opening hours, please see the "Usage Guide" on the museum homepage (https://www.nhdm.jp).

In conjunction Tama Zenshoen of Inside the sanatorium If you would like to visit, the organization it will be separately Tama Zenshoen General Affairs Division (TEL: 042-395-1101) Please contact us to put the contact.

Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited inside the building.

Shooting of exhibits is prohibited. If you would like to take a picture of the tour scenery, please fill out and submit the "In-house photography application form" at the reception.


[Applications and inquiries regarding shuttle buses]
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