Excavated Relics


During the excavations in 2013, some important relics were found from the remains of “Jyu-kanbo”(“special hospital ward”).
There is a saying “Avoid disease,” which means avoid the disease itself, but not those affected by the disease.

However, Hansen’s disease patients were stigmatized and isolated from the society as if they were the disease itself.

It was wrong to personify the disease through its victims, The Hansen’s disease patients.

If people could feel empathy to others with all their heart, the glasses found at “Jyu-kanbo” would have never been buried in the soil but would have been given back to the patients they belonged to.
The tragedy of not treating people as human beings must never repeat itself.
Thus, the museum believes that it is important to convey this tragic legacy to future generations in the name of eliminating discrimination and restoring respect to human rights.

Exhibition Hall



The exhibition has reconstructed a part of “Jyu-kanbo.”

Visitors can watch documentary programs about “Jyu-kanbo” and see a 1:20 scaled model of “Jyu-kanbo.”
In addition to precious paneled testimonials and records, there are lecture rooms and other places available to visitors which will help them understand and reconsider the human and social problems related to the Hansen’s disease.

The first exhibition room
1:20 scaled model of “Jyu-kanbo” Panel display of the profile of the patients who was detention.
Reappearance image viewing Mock-up of “Jyu-kanbo” partially reproduced by a full scale

The second exhibition room
Excavated Relics corner Testimony image viewing & listening booth

Other facilities
Lecture room Entrance & Passage